Walt Disney World Trip (2010-2011)

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Kevin and I go to Walt Disney World all the time, it’s been our traditional vacation trip…we love it there and it truly is the most magical place in the world…it seems like after every 6 months, we always get that itch to go back!

When I’m there my goal is to take as many pictures and videos as possible.  I film us walking, I film us on the roller-coasters…basically everywhere! Kevin teases me all the time about it…because I take all these videos and pictures, and I never seem to edit them (especially when it comes to my personal stuff). I always plan to do it, but it rarely happens.

That brings me to our very first Disney trip in 2009. I made the video, but I remember how long it took me to make. It was only about 6 minutes, but it was worth it. We loved seeing our entire trip come to life!!

Anyway…We took our second trip to Disney – (2010 Halloween (September)) with many videos and pictures….after our trip Kevin asked me for a video and teased me that I didn’t even put our first trip pictures up on facebook…he would ask and ask… but nothing really came of it…eventually we found ourselves going on our 3rd Disney trip – (, 2010 Winter/Christmas (December))…and then our 4th – (2011 Summer (June))…one after another and the video clips and pictures kept building up and going unedited

After months and months of him begging and teasing me for the video reel of our trip, I decided I really needed to get this finished for him…and I really dedicated as much time as I possibly could to this project to make that happen.

…I started going through every video and taking screenshots of the key moments…this was basically so I could see what footage I had to work with. This took a long time and it was extremely time consuming.

Finally when all of that was finished, I was able to finally start vidding! I choose all my random songs that I wanted to use…(this was another long process)…when my songs were finally chosen I layed them out in my timeline to see that this video was over 20 minutes!!

I was basically shocked because my longest video is about 6 minutes and the average is about 3 minutes, so i couldn’t even imagine doing a 20 minute video!!!

I started vidding every day, some night working until 3am. My plan was to finish this for christmas 2011, but when that day came around I was only half way through, so I gave Kevin a wrapped gift with a tiny note telling him his gift is “coming soon”.

Half the time, I honestly wanted to rip my hair out. Sony Vegas loves to drive me crazy…So crazy that a few times I was left in tears because the longer I made the video…the more it would refuse to cooperate. There were days it would not open, days it would unexpectedly crash, files would not show up. Constant problems and drama.

I eventually had to take the entire 20 minutes of video and spit it into 4 parts…just to make each video about 5-6 minutes. This helped me a lot and the “crashing” issue went away…I was shocked I was able to do this, because the way the program was constantly crashing (even when I opened the file), made the entire thing an impossible task. I did it though 🙂

After I finished the parts…I decided to render the 4 parts separately…after about 13-20 hours on each render they all finished successfully (well except for part 1 which was having issue with the picture slideshow in the beginning…which i had to render separately – but it was minor)

…. I was finally ready to render my 4 parts together! It didn’t take as long because it was all rendered it just needed to be rendered together.

I had done it! I finished my video and I felt so accomplished and proud afterwards!! I started this video in August (2011) and it took me about 7 months to complete.

(Click Image to watch video)

Kevin loved the video and I knew I did my job 🙂 yay

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