Shifting Worlds Project

Mar 6, 2013   //   by Kimberly Joyce Illustration   //   Blog, Digital Illustration, Personal  //  4 Comments

Hey everyone!
Finished my new piece Shifting Worlds

you can view the full and final piece by clicking the image below:

Wow!! What an awesome challenge this was for me…

…Recently an announcement was made about Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey.

Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel to acclaimed PC adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

you can watch the video here:
Dreamfall Chapters Trailer

Of course being a longtime fan of the video game my brother and I completely geeked out over this news. With that in mind, my brother made a donation to back the project and support the game. Because of this he get updates about their progress and came across the Dreamfall Chapters Fan Art Competition and suggested that I should give it a shot! So thankful that he thought of me! 🙂

Giving it my all I decided to give it a try. I was a little concerned considering I only had about 5 days to work on the project, but I surprised myself at how fast I was able to complete “Shifting Worlds” in such a short amount of time and I was really happy with the results!!! It was definitely a challenge but my process and technique helped me along the way. Once again, I’m learning so much about myself, as an artist and what I can accomplish with such a tight deadline. This was such a great project for me and I hope to enter more competitions in the future. 🙂


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    I’m not really a gamer, but I did hear about this one because my son and his partner geeked out about it, too. My son also donated (he’s a programmer so he understands how much these things cost) because he said something about the big companies not being keen on point and click adventures and how he wanted to support them.

    Love your illustration. I’m OK at digital manipulation in an amateur way, but hopeless at original digital art so you have my admiration.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

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      Thank you Jay! that means a lot, and thank you for your wonderful comment!

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    I found your blog through the tweet from Red Thread Games. Longtime fan of TLJ too. Mad props on the win, Kimberly. Your piece is spectacular! It was interesting to read a bit about your process and yourself, I really wish there was a blurb on all the winning artists and their pieces so we can know more about them. They’re a mystery to me! 🙂

    Do you think you could one day post a blog about the process you used to bring Shifting Worlds come to life? I’d love to learn more about this artwork. Also, looking forward to seeing it in game!

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      Thank you so much Sarah, it always makes me happy to meet another fan of TLJ! 🙂 It’s also nice to get compliments from those who are familiar with the game, means a lot to me! I felt the same way about all the winning artist! Would have love to read about their work, process, or where I could possibly find them in the future.

      I will definitely be making a process of how I brought Shifting Worlds to life!! (or at least the process from sketch to final piece). So keep an eye out for that! Also if there are any specific questions you’d like to ask me about what I did, please feel free!!

      Thanks again! 🙂

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