Light My Way – Day 16 (Blog)

Finished my piece, Light My Way
you can view the full and final piece by clicking the image below

For my Day 16 project, I wanted to practice the female face with a light source (in this case, it happens to be a candle). I found reference on pinterest that I thought could be perfect for this!

As usual as I was painting, I was trying to figure out a good time to stop, but I kept going with it and decided to make it a color piece!

I also finally figured out how to speed my video (even faster then my previous videos)…and I got the FULL drawing/painting process in under 4 minutes for a 9 hours drawing/painting session!

You can view the video process here:

(Click image to view in the process section)

…and so the list continues

Daily Sketches
1. Landscape (X) (X)
2. Mets Sporting Event (X) (X)
3. Gesture Drawing Study (X)
4. Gesture Drawing Figures (X)
5. Gesture Drawing Animals (X)
6. Baby Silhouette (X) (X)
7. Father of the year (Happy Father’s Day) (X) (X) (6/16)
8. Figure Study (Male) (X) (X)
9. Figure Study (Female) (X) (X)
10. Tony Soprano (Actor – James Gandolfini) (X) (X)
11. Disney Fireworks (Happy 4th of July) (X) (X)
12. Castle in the clouds (X) (X)
13. Imaginique  – “Fantasy Self Portrait” (X) (X)
14. Cotton Candy (X) (X)
15. Christmas in July in August (X) (X)
16. Light My Way (Female Face/Lighting Study) (X) (X)

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