Keith & Lisa’s Wedding Album

Jun 21, 2012   //   by Kimberly Joyce Illustration   //   Blog, Photo Enhancements  //  4 Comments

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Hey everyone, just wanted to talk about a few things when it came to creating Keith & Lisa’s Wedding Album. I did both the retouching and the design layouts for the album, keeping it simple throughout. The process of creating the album was nice and smooth, but there were a few times I needed to do a few adjustments…

When it came to Page 39 & Page 41, The Grooms Family (Top) had two pictures and the Brides Family (Bottom) only had one. I searched every single picture I could find, but I found nothing to match. So I had to do a little photo-manipulation and I think it worked out:

 I decided to take a photo of the Bride and Groom, with the Bride’s Godparents inside and place them outside, which successfully gave me this final result:

Another issue I came across, was Page 23, the 2 images originally did not match as the priest was standing slightly in front of the groom, so I worked my magic and I got this final result:

Here’s a before and after:

Last but not least, was this issue of sunlight and poles that needed to be removed for page 13 (Please click the image to see the final result):

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    Wow…I must have look at this album a dozen times, and I never noticed that the bride’s godparent’s had the background completely changed…great job!

    Also, that last picture of changing the sunlight and the background poles is my favorite retouching / editing of yours. That’s usually the one I show people when I show your work.

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    I didn’t know about the priest blocking Keith! Great Job!

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