Imaginique – Day 13 (Blog)

Hey everyone!

Finished my new piece, Imaginique 
you can view the full and final piece by clicking the image below:

For my day 13 project, I wanted to do something “self portrait” related. Although this painting is obviously not identical to me, it does represent me as a person and as an artist, with a fantasy twist. I’ve had this idea for years and always had the image in my head of  “me” with dramatic long hair and using the tip of my hair as the paint brush itself.

I worked from photo reference and my imagination (especially with the hair). I really wanted the figure to be the main focus, so I kept the background simple,  but with bright vibrant colors – hot pink, neon blues etc.

This took approximately 15 hours to complete.

View some of the details here:

View the Process:

(Click image to watch in the process section/larger)
– the video plays music, so please adjust your speakers

…and so the list continues

Daily Sketches
1. Landscape (X) (X)
2. Mets Sporting Event (X) (X)
3. Gesture Drawing Study (X)
4. Gesture Drawing Figures (X)
5. Gesture Drawing Animals (X)
6. Baby Silhouette (X) (X)
7. Father of the year (Happy Father’s Day) (X) (X) (6/16)
8. Figure Study (Male) (X) (X)
9. Figure Study (Female) (X) (X)
10. Tony Soprano (Actor – James Gandolfini) (X) (X)
11. Disney Fireworks (Happy 4th of July) (X) (X)
12. Castle in the clouds (X) (X)
13. Imaginique  – “Fantasy Self Portrait” (X) (X)

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