Green Landscape Study – Day 01 (Blog)

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Hey everyone!! Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post! This is going to change. From now on I have a goal of creating a new piece of art everyday (or at least try – maybe every other day)! I know, I know…this is something that I should have been doing all along, but I always made some sort of excuse… like not having time, having a tight deadline, etc. No more excuses! (I quote “No more excuses” for my work outs, might as well use that for my art too!)

Finished my new piece Green Landscape Study
you can view the full and final piece by clicking the image below:

For my first piece, I decided to work on a landscape study. It took about 2 hours 30 minutes. I really want to knock that down to an hour and learn to let go a little bit, but that will come with time and practice.

Green Landscape Study – Day 01

(Click image to view in the sketchbook section/larger)

Here is the process (Animated Gif):

(Click image to view in the process section/larger)

Although I got a ton of inspiration from websites like Illustration FridaySketch Daily or random 365 sketches a day challenges (which I will definitely be using). I decided to start & add to my own list as I create each day.

Daily Sketches
1. Landscape (X) (X)

If you have any ideas that you’d like to see me work on, please feel free to let me know by leaving them in the comments.

Looking forward to #2 🙂

Please note: The art you’ll be seeing will be anything from quick doodles, sketches, studies,  gesture drawings, still life, exploring different styles, a 10 minute drawing – 10 hour drawing, completed, or uncompleted.  It really doesn’t matter but it will always be something new.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to share my new pieces everyday/(or the day after), every other day, 2 times a week, or the bundle of art I did for that week. Regardless I will definitely be making a post or 2 per week! So keep a lookout for new things to come!! 🙂


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    Love the process section !!!!!

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    The landscape is stunning, it has kind of a magical feeling to it and I love that. Beautifully done, Kimmy!

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      Thank you Eva, exactly what I was going for!! 🙂

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