Gesture Drawings (06/07/12)

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Hey everyone,

The other day I was browsing google + and I came across this awesome website pixelovely.  It’s a Figure & Animal Training tool for gesture drawings and I consider it my new best friend.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I strongly suggest that you do!

What Are Gesture Drawings?

Gesture drawings are works of art created in an extremely short amount of time, traditionally 30 seconds – and no more than two minutes.

Why bother with drawing something in a time period so frustratingly short? Gesture drawings are an excellent method of studying humans and animals in motion. They can help artists better understand the exertions of muscles, the effects of twisting on the body, and the natural range of motion in the joints. They help artists to place emphasis on movement, action direction, which can be overlooked during a long drawing.

Regular gesture drawing can be a fantastic way to increase your artistic skill. We recommend you start every day with at least five minutes of 30 second gesture drawings. Or, use it as a warm up to a longer work session.

“You will be amazed at the difference it makes!!”


Sounds good to me!!! 😉 I think this is the perfect challenge for me, not only will it keep me active on my blog, but it will constantly keep drawing, with fresh new ideas.  I also love that I will be able to witness my progress throughout!

Since I went ahead and tried it out (both Figure and Animal), I thought it would be nice to share.  I admit, it’s been a long time since I focused on a gesture drawings, so I felt a little rusty.  That’s ok though because I can definitely see myself progressing through this and I’m really excited to see the results!!

DAY 1 (June 7, 2012) → Gesture Drawing → Figures:


DAY 1 (June 7, 2012) → Gesture Drawing → Animals & Insects:

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