Gesture Drawing (Figures) – Day 04 (Blog)

Jun 13, 2013   //   by Kimberly Joyce Illustration   //   Blog, Digital Illustration, Sketchbook  //  No Comments

Finished my Gesture Drawings → Figures for Day 04
you can view the full piece by clicking the image below:

yaaay! I definitely think I’m starting to loosen up a bit and my drawing have a little bit more of a shape and confidence to them….…Compared to my older gestures, I’d say I’m improving already!

Gesture Drawing  → Figures  – Day 04 – 60 seconds each

(Click image to view in the sketchbook section/larger)

This was really fun…can’t wait to try more gestures – I’m hoping to make it a weekly thing!

…and so the list continues

Daily Sketches
1. Landscape (X) (X)
2. Mets Sporting Event (X) (X)
3. Gesture Drawing Study (X)
4. Gesture Drawing Figures (X)

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