Castle in the clouds – Day 12 (Blog)

Jul 5, 2013   //   by Kimberly Joyce Illustration   //   Blog, Digital Illustration, Process, Sketchbook  //  2 Comments

Hey everyone!

Finished my new piece, Castle in the clouds
you can view the full and final piece by clicking the image below:

For my day 12 project, I wanted to focus on another landscape study. Instead of focusing on just the landscape, I decided to add a castle and a flowing river. I really wanted to experiment with color, texture, and a little bit of my imagination.

This project took me about 7 hours (or more)…I actually lost track of time because I was getting really lost in the piece.

view the process :

(Click image to view in the process section/larger)


…and so the list continues

Daily Sketches
1. Landscape (X) (X)
2. Mets Sporting Event (X) (X)
3. Gesture Drawing Study (X)
4. Gesture Drawing Figures (X)
5. Gesture Drawing Animals (X)
6. Baby Silhouette (X) (X)
7. Father of the year (Happy Father’s Day) (X) (X) (6/16)
8. Figure Study (Male) (X) (X)
9. Figure Study (Female) (X) (X)
10. Tony Soprano (Actor – James Gandolfini) (X) (X)
11. Disney Fireworks (Happy 4th of July) (X) (X)
12. Castle in the clouds (X) (X)

just a small note:
This is one of those pieces I was attempting a 2 hours study on, but lately sometimes I come across a piece that I just really want to focus and spend even more time on and this is one of the many!

With that said, If you don’t see “daily” posts from me, please know I’m constantly working and you will see them soon! I’m either spending longer time on a “daily” sketch/painting, putting together the process video (which is very time consuming), working on random illustrations or commissions, or I’ve completed a project but can’t share it right away b/c of events that feature the artwork!


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    This is such a magical scene! There is a real place called Castle in the Clouds in, I believe, NH. Went there by snowmobile as a kid!

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      Really?? Had no idea!! I just researched and now I want to visit!!

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